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Quick Release Springbar Installation Instructions

Installation of Quick Release Springbars

Installation of Quick Release Springbars


First of all, these springbars should only be installed in leather watchstraps.Do not try to install quick release spring bars in rubber or silicone watchstraps.They do not have the same kind of structure as leather and the necessary cuts on the back of the strap might continue through to the end of the strap and the strap would be ruined.Next, work slowly and carefully.


Start by using an awl to widen the right side (finish side of strap face down with spring bar loop on the top) of the strap’s spring bar loop.Be gentle and work slowly.The hole should be widened enough to clear the tab on the quick release spring bar.Make sure the hole is wide enough now because it is not advisable to try to widen the hole once you make the cut in the following step.Next, slide the toothpick provided into the right side of the spring bar hole on the strap.This will prevent you from slicing through to the front of the strap.


Make a mark, starting no closer than 2MM from the edge of the strap, about 8MM long.Using a very sharp X-Acto type knife make a cut through to the toothpick the entire length of this mark.Begin making your cut at the end of the strap so, if you over shoot, you won’t slice through the end of the strap (2MM doesn’t leave muck margin for error). Remove the toothpick and slide the spring bar in through the widened end of the strap.The tab on the spring bar should just poke through the slit you made.Repeat this for the other end of the strap.


Here is a slightly different technique provided by a customer.


I think you are missing tricks in the fitting, these are my modifications:


As soon as the slot is 5mm or more you DON'T need to enlarge the strap hole, because you DON'T need to push the pin in via that hole.

I did it in twenty seconds by bending the strap slightly across its width, and inserting the springbar THROUGH THE SLOT. 

Believe me, this is a damn sight better for the health of the strap.


The longhand explanation would be:-


Suppose you have the strap lying flat, and the slot you have cut is on the right hand side as you look down at it.  

(1) Poke the long end of the pin into the slot

(2) Feed it through the strap until it emerges on the left of the STRAP, and the lever of the pin comes to a stop against the left of the SLOT.(The strap will now be slightly curved across its width). 

(3) The lever end is less than 5mm, so you can push that end down into the slot, (flattening the strap). 

(4) Push the long end of the pin back into the left hand side of the strap until the lever end emerges. Voila!


Secondly, on the straps I have bought with these pins fitted, the slot is only about 1.5mm from the side of the strap. I think that is the optimum, (for those who prefer not to lose their watches).

The question is how to get that close without going too far?

(1) Start the slot 3mm from the edge and cut it about 4mm long.

(2) Make a hole with an awl 1.5mm from the edge of the strap.

(3) Hold the very edge of the strap firmly in a pair of pliers, such that the pliers bisect the hole made by the awl.

(4) Put the craft knife in the slot, and lengthen the slot to join it to the awl-hole. 


You can't overdo it (unless you have a knife that cuts through pliers), and an awl hole is less likely to spread than a knife cut